Monday 24 June 2013

June 23rd Recap

Sunday June 23rd Starleaf Gate practice

Wow is all I can say, totally unprepared for the response tonight.
We did some melee training and pell work.

... Training- Barekr, Brad , Thorfinn, Damien, Tiberius, Josh, Jordy, Mitchell, Arria , Miroslav,Yukio, Leikos, Draco, Elanore, Eral, Louis, Camilla.

Lots of peeps doing A&S and stuff.


Monday 17 June 2013

Carousel of Nations

We took part in the Children's Village at the Riverfront. Many thanks to those who attended and helped out. This was a busy day and not our usual type demo. The weather held out nicely for the weekend though and fun was had by the many children who stopped by to colour with us.

Thursday 13 June 2013

Helpful Documents

Pennsic War is coming quickly. For those going, hopefully you have preregistered to ensure you have your camping spot. Check our Documents page for some helpful information like An Organized Tent is a Happy Tent.!documents-and-links/c1aoj

Art in The Park

We stirred up a lot of interest at Art in The Park this year. Walking around to interact with the crowd was a great way for us to get our name out and to generate the interest to get people to our Pavillion. Many thanks to all of those who came out to help with this demo. It's our volunteers who make things fun and educational.

Military Heritage Days

Planning for Military Heritage Days Viking display is underway. Contact James Mulcaster or Catriona to help out.
For those -not- going to Pennsic: Catriona will be organizing the Viking encampment at Fort Malden Military Days demo this year, for the Civic Holiday Weekend. We will need people to help us demonstrate Viking life. Please call us at 519-727-0950 and leave a message if you don't get ahold of either her or myself.

Sandwich Days Festival

Planning for Sandwich Days is under way. Please contact Micheal Reeve if you are available to help with any portion of this years display including planning. This years plan is to focus on Arts and Sciences.